God’s sovereignty with man’s free will ?

Being sovereign for God is not an anachronism to the concept of free will for us. Both free will and sovereignty can interplay with one another. God can impose his sovereignty based on his good judgment that one option is better than the other. An example of this “forceful imposition” of his will is the story of Jonah. He did not like to go to Nineveh and went opposite of the direction towards that city. He was then swallowed by a big fish and found himself in the shores of Nineveh to prophesy against that city. He may still refuse to follow God’s will, but he did not. 
Likewise, in the narrative of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, his personal will was not to go through with his prophesied death by crucifixion. But, he was not forced by the Father. Nevertheless, Jesus said, “not my will but your will be done”, i.e., his Father’s will (Lu 22:42). 
In both circumstances, they had freewill to disobey but did not. While Jonah’s motive to follow maybe because of fear to disobey and be swallowed again by a “big fish”, Jesus’ was based on “faith in the Father” that his promises to him will be fulfilled.

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